Sunday, 8 May 2011

First Bout

well not my first actual bout but the first one I got to go and watch. Yes that's right I'm a derby gal who just loves the sport but has never been to a live bout. Boy I'm kicking myself for not going till now. Plus also for forgetting the camera.
I took along Jazynthe as she was upset to hear I was going to one without her. She was rather excited about it and went dressed like a mini derby girl in her purple tutu and black leggings and a shirt. We got great seats not far from the action. Close enough to be on top of the action and see the whole rink and all the booty blocking action. Who doesn't love to witness girls at top speed on skates driving their rivals of the rink with booty blocks galour.
First bout was between team Unicorn from Sydney Roller Derby League and The Boutlaws from Western Sydney Rollers ( my league). This was awesome! The Boutlaws are very new to the world of bouting and sure did put up a good fight but sadly were well and truelly out done by the Unicorns. The atmosphere was fantastic to be sitting in amongst others cheering on the Boutlaws. Jazynthe was going of and really cheering them on. She was really yelling for their Jammer everytime she was even close to getting any points. Some of those girls on WSR team sure can block with the best of them and can Jam like there is no tomorrow. However those unicorn girls are a force to be reckoned with.
Next bout was between Screaming Assault Sirens from sydney roller derby league and D'viants also from Sydney Roller Derby League. Now this was an absolute screamer of a bout it certainly was close and the most ever between the two teams was 10 points and in derby world that can change in one Jam and it did several times. The girls from both teams were amazing and I sure have a LONG way to go to be even close to the abilities of these girls. In the end D'viants one by 14 points with a result of 123 to 109. It came down to the last Jam. With girls filling up the box seats it sure was on for any girl who remain skating. I have got to say SAS's Little Whippet is probably my favourite derby girl she sure can Jam like lightning and block with her booty like someone twice the size. HA maybe there is hope for a tiny girl like me to be a Derby Queen.
I sure learnt hell of a lot about strategy by seeing it all live as opposed to watching you tube.
After the bout out came a huge cake made by Planet Cake of a giant roller skate. Which promptly got distroyed in a food fight.
I'm looking forward to the next bout on June 4th at Homebush Sports Centre.

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