Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Loving to be training

I have to say despite the pain and the bruises from falls I am loving Derby training. Past all the physical pain I am in due to general lack of fitness and Derby being all about pain I sure am mentally feeling fantastic with it all.
It had been 15yrs since I last was in training for a sport. Back then it was water polo. I've always loved team sports that are hard going and can be a bit on the rough side. Before water polo I played field hockey since I was 5yrs old.
Derby training will make you feel muscles you didn't know you had and be prepared for falls onto hard surface but what you get out of it in the way of social and mental health far out weighs the physical pain.
This week was all about turning on your skates (which i could not master in the ten minutes given for that), skating as low as your body can curl, pushing other skaters in a line, weaving between skaters and jammer laps. I'm not that fast so for me to catch up to the pack took a few laps. I can say however I can skate pretty low. I'm glad I can master a plank for well past a minute but boy I need to work on my ability to do push ups in skates.
Looking forward to next week and learning booty whips.

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Desi said...

I want pictures, lol, well not of the bruises but of how awesome you are at derby!!!! I am so thrilled you are doing this! Be Blessed~