Tuesday, 5 April 2011

keeping busy

I currently am keeping myself rather busy well that is when I'm not being lazy and reading endless blogs to distract myself from what I really should be doing. Apart from the usual Mum stuff and runing of a home. Which sometimes looks like chaos has it it because I prioritise something else instead of the housework. 1950's Mum I'm not on the home keeping front.
The one thing that can keep me the busiest is University. With the endless hours of reading and note taking along with weekly work and preparing assignments. I know I scrape by on the hours I put in but when your a single parent who is also trying to run a business or two that's all you can do some weeks.

I tell you statistics can confuse me some days and sends my head in a spin but when I actually get it boy I feel relieved. My other unit of Aboriginal cultures is bit of a breeze as it's all reading and essay writing. Although my first essay I did send it of before I realised "damn it I did not put the bibliography on the end to go with all the referancing I did". Anyone who has done Uni knows how big of an issue that is.

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