Thursday, 24 March 2011

Office area re-do

Today after writting my first essay for Uni. I got to fixing up my little space I use as my office area. Before it was a quick thinking put together when my ex moved out and I need to have a desk to use. I had used a camping table and a shoe rack for this purpose. It functioned good but was bit of an eyesore. Plus the entire area was bit of a mess.

I had come up with the new idea a few days ago. I had sitting in the garage/studio a wooden trestle table that was once used as my cutting table but more recently I have gone back to using the dinning table so I can be indoors with the kids. So I painted the wooden part up with a couple coats of semi gloss paint I had in the shed. I plan on also making a skirt for it when I find the just right fabric. I'm on the look out for some fabric that can also be used to re-cover the chair and also my lounge. I'm hoping to find something fresh in the colours of white, red and aqua.
I'm also hoping to replace the curtains with something that matches too.
I also used a shleving unit I had sitting in the garage that was just being used for not much but somewhere to pile stuff.

It all looks so much better now. With plenty of space to do other little work that requires a desk.

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