Sunday, 17 October 2010

What to do with 14eggs

Well tonight I used up 14 eggs just on dinner....I've been lazy and not baked the cake or biscuit for the week yet. As I got side tracked and started spring cleaning. Anyway for the use up of eggs I consulted my trusty Homemade recipe book. decided upon Frittata for the main...

Then for dessert my version of Blueberry Croissant pudding. I use raspberries in mine.

The frittata asks for 6-10 eggs however with home chooks I had to use 12 to cover all the veggies and meat. You can get a pdf copy of the recipe book here. Not sure if you can get the hard copy anymore. This book I think is a must have in every home. something every young lass or lad should get given as the pack their bags and leave the nest for their first home. it is full of easy recipes and has everything from dips to desserts, munchies to mains.

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