Monday, 18 October 2010

what a discovery

Today I discovered the best blog ever! Well it's pretty damn good I have to say...can't call it the best one ever as I have not read every blog there is out there in the blog world. Lets face it if I was reading every blog out there I would have no life to blog about myself.But this one is worth it to go and read for your laughter purposes. After all laughter is the best medicine of all. The blog entry on the cake makes me think of my son. he reacts to cake in the exact same way.
Anyway go read it just go here.
She certainly has a LOT of followers. I think this is the most read blog I have ever been to. Found out about it from my husband. Who recanted one of the entries to me when he got home from night shift this morning.
I certainly will be going back and reading as much as I can.

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