Sunday, 17 October 2010

A dream.....

.....that I have is to go to Tuscany. not just to visit but to stay a week at least and in that time go visit this wonderful place. I think it would be an absolute wonderful time and imagine what you would learn in that short stay. lately I have been getting loads of hints, well maybe not hints more like slaps in the face of you need to go here.
 For instance my team manager for my job won a holiday to London and Italy and it was a focus of Tuscany. I got to draw her name as one of the winners. Then there was something on the ABC about Tuscany that I happened to flick over to in the middle of. Then there was an advertisement for the Culinary interludes in Masterchef magazine. The next one was Jamie Oliver's show and he was in Tuscany,then another friend was talking about her memories of Tuscany without me having mentioned it, another was walking past a travel agent and on the floor next to a customer near the window was a brochure on Tuscany, then another friend mentioned on his Facebook status he was in Tuscany, the next was a calender fell of a shelf in a shop onto the floor right at my feet And picked it up to put it on the shelf it was a calender of Tuscany. Then I went to watch "Eat Pray Love" was in awe of the scenes in Tuscany.

What do you think... do you think the universe is telling me to go to Tuscany?

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mountainwildlife said...

I think the universe is screaming at you and shaking you by the shoulders!