Monday, 4 October 2010

What to do on a rainy day..

...well I baked choc chip cookies.
When it has been miserably wet for more than one day I tend to loose all motivation and wish I could just curl up under a quilt and watch chick flicks whilst eating chocolate and drinking hot chocolate. Ha those days are long gone, with small children who are very very active and always wanting food or drink the chick flicks have to wait.
So I pulled out my Homemade recipe book and found a choc chip cookies recipe. The kids had eaten up the last batch so with a 2yr old who asks for a biscuit at any given oportunity I had to get them done. I had no walnuts so I substituted with almonds instead.....and I only just had enough slivered almonds left.

On the telly is Commonweath Games no chick flick and Jazynthe is enthralled already and there have only been a handful of heats. she has gotten one of her chairs out to be a starting block and pretend she is a swimmer like the girls on the telly. No chick flick but entertaining enough for me.

Besides the lounge has become Mount Clean Washing and really could not be bothered folding to gain access to enough space to lay out on there anyway.

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momijitomitsukoshi said...

Oh, your daughter is too funny! How cute! I heard it was raining in Sydney. In Perth, we have forgotten what rain looks like, so make the most of it, I say.