Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Donna Hay how I love you!

Anyone else just love Donna Hay? Such decadent yet simple recipes. Then the way in which her team put together her magazines and books just make it all even more apealing.
I have tried out a whole lot of her recipes over the last couple of years. Some have been not as good as I imagined mostly because of my skills I think. However mostly they have been scrumptious triumphs.

I'm not one to buy loads of magazines ( although I have bought every Masterchef issue thus far) only have purchashed a few of hers. The cookbooks I do have are one's I found in Jimmy D's a secondhand bookstore not far from where I live. My finances have not allowed me to purchase as many as I'd like. Boy if I had bought every cookbook I really wanted I'd have an extremely large collection of books.

In the last couple of days I tried my hand at a White chocolate tart recipe which was in one of the lastest issues of the magazine. A very simple and easy one and even basic skills in cookery could get you by doing this one. You could cheat and use a pre-made pie case or you could use pre-made shortcrust pastry.

By doing this one I got to use my new pie dish with a removable base which I purchased at Myer.

For it I could not be bothered or the kids were in too much of a hurry to wait for me hull enough strawberries to go on top all so lovely like the one in the magazine. It still tastes fabulous! If I really want strawberries with a slice I could always put some on the plate.......ooooohhhhh along with freshly whipped vanilla cream.

Anyway it was simple, quickish and taste delish!

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Lauren said...

my sister in law LOVES donna hay! I think she is pretty ace too! I LOVE her packaet brownies...choc double chunck or something like that! they are a bit pricey but totally worth it because they are so delicious!
Happy blogtoberfest!