Sunday, 3 October 2010

Oh when the saints..

Oh when the saints.

I have no interest in rugby League or NRL as it is called by the followers. However my husband and Jazynthe love it. My hubby is an avid Bulldogs supporter and out of nowhere Jazynthe chose to support The Dragons as of two seasons ago about hald way through the season.

This year was a big year for her as she began to really be excited about them and wore her Dragons shorts to soccer every week. She also got given a shirt towards the end of the season I bought her a shirt. She wore the set for two days running.

Anyway I am babbling..... this year her beloved team became the minor premiers then went on to make it into the Grand Final playing The Roosters.

Today was the day of the game and with much excitement she was singing songs and making up chants all day. she also got me to make her a red and white cake.

Before it was cooked, couldn't get the camera to work after.

Lucky for my sanity for the next few months they won...not only did they win they blitzed The Roosters. Upon which she was running around yelling and cheering with excitement. So few one very very happy girls as oposed to what could have hapened and I'd be dealing with extreme dispointment.

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