Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sydney Children's festival

Today whilst I was of in the city at Rydges in World Square for a launch of Christmas products for the wonderful company I am a sales consultant for my hubby took the kids to Sydney Children's Festival.
Now I wished I could have been there with them to experience their pure joyous and fun filled day, I also got to expirience a great launch. Lucky in this day and age of digital cameras I did not have to wait till the film came back from the photo lab developed to see in picture form what they did.

By all accounts they had an awesome day and loved every moment of it.

If your in Sydney at all during these NSW school holidays I highly recommend you take your kids along. There is an enormous amount of free activities to do and some that need to be paid for which at most you will pay $17 per person.

There is a garden for them to be involved in.

Dress ups

Circus Fun

Small kids fun

Aboriginal Dreamtime story telling. 

these are just a few of them.

I can't wait for next years!


mountainwildlife said...

Look like loads of fun!

Brian Fischer-Giffin said...

Yes Jazynthe waited all day for the sign singing workshop but it wasn't on. So she got up onstage with the yidaki guy and was an emu instead. That made her just as happy I think.