Friday, 1 October 2010

Blogtoberfest day #1

Today has already been rather eventful. Well eventful in what was planned went a little astray. So something a little interesting for you to read........or it's all I have given the day has gone astray.
This morning I took Jazynthe of to visit one of her old day care friends. One who she insists is going to be her future husband. They have known each other for just about four years now. With a bond that you only see in adult life long friends.
Whilst there she was happily playing then out of nowhere burst into tears and was complaining of being in pain. After some resting and coaxing I talked her into letting me take her to see a doctor.

But before we left I made sure I took a photo of the two of them together. Their bond is soooo cool that they even want to have very similar jobs when they grow up. She wants to be a vet and he wants to be a zoo keeper.
The trip to the doctor was a loooooooong trip. It normally takes 15mins max to get from their house to the suburb we live in. HA it took nearly an hour as all the holiday traffic trying to get through the only road over the mountain that has loads of road works along it is a trying drive. So with the people not being able to get out of their streets who actually live here in the mountains it was for the first time ever a walk straight into a doctor. We usually can expect to sit there for a good hour.
Turns out my little miss has a uninary tract infection.....once again. So plenty of fluids and antibiotics are the doctors orders.


Heather said...

Hope she feels better soon.

Vic said...

Oh the poor love... :( Hope she feels muchos better soon, and here is to a grand Blogtoberfest!