Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pasta making

Since having the new kitchen in I have very busy in there. One thing I have been enjoying making is pasta. With a toddler about I had to come up with a way to hang it to dry out of his reach. So I grab the kids chairs and hang it over the back of them with the chairs up on the bench.

Jazynthe tonight helped out with turning the handle on the pasta machine for the flatening out stage.

this past I made with 150gms '00' flour 150gms semolina 1 good pinch of salt 3 eggs and 1 yolk. When it comes to the amount of eggs for my pasta it can change depending on the size of the eggs. With free range home chooks and 3 different breeds each egg is slightly different in one breed let alone all three we have.

I like using an egg yolk extra as it gives a good colour to the pasta. Plus the taste is even more yummy.

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Nicole said...

mmm home made pasta, nothing like it