Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Planting has started

Today seed sowing was started. We have started with broad beans, two different types of sunflowers, marigolds, capsicum, carrots and rhubarb. I shall be putting tommies in pots to start of with as well as some capsicums. in the ground will go celriac.
Shall be of to Blackheath growers markets on the weekend to get lettuces and a few othersof the seedling man.
I already have strawberries in one of the garden patches.
There will also be potatoes going in the upper patch where our chooks were once kept.
What else do you think is essential in a cool climate vegie patch? We still have heaps of space to fill.  i do plan on picking up eggplants. We have some Luffa to go in later when it is a little warmer.

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