Monday, 6 September 2010

Gee has really been that long?

my goodness I did not even realise I had not blogged in so long. So many reasons and so many excuses.
Plus have not really had the motivation to blog although I have done a lot and a lot has been going on in my home.
Today I will talk about the chookies.

I love them so and boy have the newer ones grown. Sober is rather the dominant Rooster who also tries to go at the kids rather aggressively especially Jaedyn. So they are let out to forage about when the kids are inside. he does try to attack myself and Brian at times but it's the kids his not happy about.

The girls are all laying and we are getting up to six eggs a day, the productive girlies are a happy lot producing rather tasty eggs. I can't keep up with the baking to use them up so some friends get them regularly. One family swaps for a bag of lemons when I hand over a carton of eggs to them.
Today I got to work on securing of our vegetable growing areas as the Wyndottes showed the others how to get into there and they all proceeded to totally dig up the entire area. which destroyed what was left in the winter crops after the bad frost we had killed a number of plants.

Although we lost all our winter crops they really turned over the soil much better then we could ever have hoped to do.

So in the next couple of weeks a lot of planting of seeds, potatos and seedlings will be happening. I promise to keep you updated.

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