Friday, 10 September 2010

Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen finally got renovated...YAY! Our landlord has been talking about doing it for a while now and it finally happened. It was a long process the kitchen people came looked at the old kitchen mid May and the final instalation finished yesturday. So four months of waiting till the fit out was complete.

The old one was BAD it was falling apart and was just plain ugly. The tiles used were awful to try and clean and with having no range hood it was an effort to clean with all the muck that had already built up by previous tenants not caring to clean properly.

I was so happy to see it get gutted and slowly transform from a tired old and ugly kitchen......

to a kitchen that is clean....

easy to maintain and cook good food in.

The oven is great and no longer burns everything.

The bench space has ment I now can make pasta and pizza from scratch once again. I'm loving having a decent kitchen again. The last time I had a good kitchen like this was ten years ago when I lived in a brand new town house in Melbourne.

All that is left is a coat of paint and for me to make up a nice blind for the window. I am also comming up with a few decore ideas. I promise to keep you posted on the progress of it becoming a kitchen that looks like a magazine kitchen. I'm on the look out for cute and differnt decore items that are red. I have come up with an idea for making a clock and a rack for the pots to hang from the roof.

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Nicole said...

wow nothing like a brand new kitchen to make you happy. it looks great :o)