Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter 2010

Our Easter festivities this year included attending Jazynthe's first Easter hat parade. I was a bit on the disapointed side that it was not like when I was a kid that you made your Easter bonnet or hat at home with Mum and Dad. I was rather looking forward to sitting down with my girl and coming up with a great bonnet together. At her school they create them in class and they all look pretty much the same as each other. Although each class seemed to have their own thing going the basis was all the same with each childs own twist all using the same materials and colours etc. (The disapointment of a creative Mum who believes the school uniform is enough to have the same...let alone everything else. hmmmfffff)

I got over my disapointment enough to deal with it and enjoy the parade for the fact it was my girls first one. Lucky they have a teacher who is not afraid to look silly and danced about getting the little kiddies to do actions to "The Lion sleeps tonight."

I was then disapointed to find out I also will not be helping create a book week costume this year as they alternate between Easter hat parades and book parades each year. Bugger.... I have to wait till next year to have my creatives juices flowing with my girl and her school activities.
yesturday we travelled up north to visit Brian's family for a BBQ lunch at a great park....i took the camera but did not take a single photo. IDIOT! How can a blogger not take a single photo?

Anyway this morning was egg hunting at our house... that was fun playing bunny and letting the kiddies try and find the eggs.

Jazynthe was a bit blind and kept walking past several even when I gave her clues as to where she could find them.

Jaedyn once he worked it out that there was a number of eggs about was pretty good at it, we only had to point out the area they were in for him and he found them and dropped them in his little bucket.

Of course it would not be Easter without chocolate for breakfast and boy was Jaedyn dispointed when i went to restrict him having another egg not realising that Jazynthe had been allowed another.

I found it impossible to find any Fair Trade Easter chocolates so I myself did not buy any. Brian did not think too much about it where the kids were concerened as Jazynthe was rather aware of the fact of Easter bunny from school yard information.

Brian missed out on recieving anything from me this year as i refuse to pay for non fair Trade chocolate. however he found some for me. He ordered through Oxfam site. why did I not think of them? At least I know for next year where to get them from.

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