Sunday, 4 April 2010

Busy Day.

Today I was rather busy. Been a while since I sewed for things to stay here in the home. I'm so distracted all the time for sewing JazyJae's that I forget about things I want for me and what the kids could do with. The poor things get the JazyJae's of loads that I am not 100% happy with.

So today first up I made a much needed set of pot holders. A big set too so holding those huge pots and baking trays will not be an art of making sure your not going to burn yourself. These were made from a combination of old thrifted pillowcase, thrifted vinatge fabric, a bit of scrap homespun and insul bright.

Next was a rather dodgy attempt at converting a pillowcase into a new peg bag our basket was no longer holding the pegs in as they were dropping through the large holes on the sides. It may not be perfect but it will do the job.

Then I made Jaedyn a couple of PJ pants with matching shirts to come. I've been waiting for him to be big enough to make PJ pants from the flanel Micheal Miller cowboy print I bought back not long after he was born. I will get a couple of long sleeved shirts and sew a matching patch on the front. He also has a couple of hand knitted pants he wears on cold nights already they too need a matching shirt each. So I guess Target will be having me spend a bit on shirts very soon. I tend to like their ones best as they hold their shape better and are not expensive to then sew something on the front.

Tomorrow I hope to get to sew up a few PJ pants for Jazynthe and a better library bag then the one she currently uses ( an Oxfam calico bag with the strap knotted of to fit.). I have some of cuts of cord fabric about might sew them all together to make up a patchy bag with a flap and shoulder strap.


Nicole said...

lov the cowboy fabric just too cute
your pot holders are very sunny & make me smile
can i ask where you got the insul bright from

In Brief said...

Nicole I got it from Spotlight.