Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Harvesting to making

Today in the drizzle I went and did some foraging in the garden. I had noticed when going to check up the chooks that several basil plants had some sprouting of flower stems just before the flowering stage.
So this evening I went and picked all the top leaves and some of the parsley plants.
 Whilst out there I grabbed a couple of tomatoes, a couple of eggplants and a number of chillis.Plus a small capsicum.

The chillis have been all put up in a basket with a whole lot picked over the last week. They will be dried for use later.

My tommies that are rippening up on the windowsill might be saved for making a tabouli with some of the last of the parsley before it starts going to seed ( I have picked the last lot of buds last week hoping to save seeds).

The eggplant and capsicum will be used as part of tomorrows dinner. As for the basil I made a big jar of pesto. I threw in some macadamias that have been sitting in a container untouched instead of waiting for the purchase of pine nuts and in went some parmesan cheese and a few lugs of olive oil. Blended away and yummy pesto packed in a jar.

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Nicole said...

beautiful tomatoes
nice work with the pesto