Sunday, 17 January 2010

Look Whose comming to live here.

Yay my rooster is finally ready to come home to live here. He currently live with my good friend Lisa and her girls and one other rooster than came from the same clutch of eggs they hand raised. His coming here on Tuesday after we go pick up a female mate for him of his own breed.

He will also go well with the girls I already have and bring about some interesting colour mixes.

I think his just gorgeous and I have not even seen him in real life yet. His currently called Big Red.... not sure on that name as yet so he may have a name change once he gets to his new home. His a Wyndotte.

His he not a handsome rooster?


Kylie said...

He is very pretty!

mountainwildlife said...

Oh there will be tears when he leaves! It's like giving away one of my babies!

becanne said...

He is very pretty!
I hope for your sakes he sleeps in longer than ours does.
"Noisy" - named by a very perceptive two-year old - wakes about 4.30am every morning. We are up most mornings at this time, but today he has been threatening our local scrub turkey so has lived up to his name. But he is very pretty...