Saturday, 16 January 2010

18mths and counting

My baby is now 18months as of today. Who can believe it? The time seems to have just flown by. He truelly is a blessing in this house. So much cheekiness in a little package. This time 18mths ago I was holding my boy and showing him of to big sister and Nannie and Poppie.

He loves.......
Dancing (in circles and kind of a stomp along whilst head banging)
Singing all beit a jibberish of words together but you know by the tune what he is singing
Climbing (anything and everything)
Playing in dirt
His bath
The sound of the sewing machine
Doing what ever big sis is doing
Being a Mummies boy
Sweeping the kitchen floor
Helping mum vacum

He Can....
Walk very well
A funny kind of run
Push furniture around to get where he wants
Help with dressing him
Let us know when he wants "night night"
Say clearly the words.... Mum, Daddy, JaJa(his name for Jazynthe), drink, out, up, yes, no ,naughty, Shadow, Shut Up (hears it for Shadow and Jazynthe so much), Sit, yum,  Biscuit, Na Na (for fruit), eat, shoe, sock,shirt,pants, Night Night, bye bye, hello

He Hates
Being bossed about by Jazynthe
wearing clothes
having to wait for food or drink
sleeping through the night
Mummy being away from him for long

At last weigh in he was 9.65kg and 75cm tall. Next check in is on Monday when he will also get his 18mth needles