Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Casey and Sober

Today was the day of neered kind. This morning we made the trek down to Penrith to firstly pick up a new hen.
She is only a young one to with not all her feathers in yet. Rather pretty one she is. Once she is fully grown she will be a marvelous looking girl with fantastic colouring. Jazynthe named her Casey.

Then back up the mountain we did go hi ho hi ho.
To pick up a lovely little rooster which has been named Sober...don't ask me why but that is the name Jazynthe chose. I had been thinking of Mick or Jager after Mick Jager and his strut abouting antics on stage just like a rooster. Maybe I'll secretly call him Sober Mick.

In real life he is even more handsome than the pictures do show.
The bossy older girls of mine have shown some authority over him, highly dought this will last once he comes into being an adult rooster.

I do feel for the family who raised him till now, but they are more than welcome to come visit their baby anytime they want.

Look out for future blogs about these babies progress and to see who in the flock is up first for babies.

1 comment:

mountainwildlife said...

A sober Mick Jagger? That would be a first!
I hope they both settle in soon, Casey will be a beautiful mate for him. You've got me wanting silver laced again!