Thursday, 21 January 2010

Taronga Zoo

Yesturday we trecked down the mountain to the Big Smoke to go visit Taronga Zoo. When ever I go to the city now I'm amazed that I ever loved living in the city. All that noise, horrible air, lots of rude people who are in a rush and have no manners. Also the ugly buildings all close together that hide the beautiful structures of old. Plus the numorous fast food chain outlets that are on nearly every major block.
Needless to say I avoid the city as much as humanly possible.
Once down the city and having parked the car at a parking station for the day we took the walk down to Circular Quay to catch the ferry across the harbour. It was hard to get on as the number of people who decided it was a good idea to squeeze themselves in front of or jump in front of our pram astounded me. If it was not for a lovely lady who stoped people pushing in front it would have been much harder.Jazynthe loved the ferry and proped herself on top of a metal post that was wide enough for her to stand on and take the harbour in.

A danish cruise liner at port in the harbour.

Once across the harbour we once again battled with the drones to get of all together and headed to the buses to take the ride up to the entrance of the Zoo. Jaedyn hated the trip up there after all it was his first time on a bus.

I love the zoo and any opotunity to go with children makes it even more enjoyable. This is Jazynthe's second visit. As an adult I have gone 6 times with either a friend or on my own and have taken kids three times. Years ago I took my neice when she was two (she turned 14 last November).
There are always lots of great animals to see and the Koalas always are the first probably because they pretty much are the first exhibit. Especially at present when they are refurbishing the old entrance back to it's former glory.

Jazynthe was very good at spotting many animals that were not in our immediate view. She was the one who spotted on of the young Giraffes poking it's head around the corner jsut out of view and later spotted the Zebras when we were about to give up trying to find them in their enclosure. it was a rather warm day in Sydney yesturday so by the time we got to some animals they were asleep somewhere out of sight and the sun.

My favourite animal the Tiger could not be found in the mid afternoon when we got to their enclosure.

Jaedyn really loved it there especially the Gorillas or as he called the "rillas" .The Gorillas were mostly hiding in the cool enclosed area that is inside as apposed to being out in the open. The big silver back was doing his usuall turning his back on the society and taking himself of to corners and hiding away. There were two little ones about one of which was still attatched to mum and was a big show off to the public. Even posing for photos here and there.One of the adult females was very obviously pregnant with her big swollen belly keeping herself nice and cool in a corner after having gone out serching fo branches to chew on. Everytime Jaedyn saw and animal he would get very happy and excited he also tried to climb in the enclosure with most of them without fail. He wanted to have a bath with the Hippo and kept saying " I need a bath, look Hippo".

It was a glorious day weather wise as it always seems to be when I head to the zoo.

The elephants were great to see and yes I did see the little baby one. Jazynthe spotted her quickly and kept gushing about how cute she was. However every time I had her  in my view finder of the camera and was ready to take the photo one of the big girls would step in front of her. So no baby elephant photos could be shown of here.Very cute the baby elephant is. it was also the most popular exhibit with large crowds swelling around the elephant enclosure. Everyone trying to spot the baby who was being well looked after by the adults. One of the adults was of cooling herself with the cool water and having a good drink whilst we were at the enclosure having a good gawk at them.

I could not believe it though we go all the way to the Zoo and guess what animals the kids went nuts over!   

The chickens!

Mum and her babies scratching about.

Jaedyn was even trying to crawl into the little hole in the doors to get into the coup that was when he and Jazynthe were not trying to chase them around. Jazynthe was trying to pick them up as well.

A turkey chick.
On the way home she tells us my favourites were the chickens, goats and pigs. "Oh I like the giraffe and Birds to but the chickens were my favourite. I can't wait till we get our own goats"

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