Sunday, 20 December 2009

Woodford RFS Unit Santa run.

Each year up here in the mountains. Well Woodford and Hazelbrook anyway! The RFS units have a day where they send Santa out with some of their crew to say hello to the neighbourhood kids and throw handfuls of lollies out (to start the teeth rotting part of Christmas). Last year Jazynthe not so excited over it she just waved and didn't even notice lollies till they were pointed out. This year however was another story she did a mad dash for what was thrown out and then up the street when she realised that Santa had just thrown some at the other fire truck and they had mostly ended up on the road.

Lucky lollies are still very much a novelty for her and she is happy to eat one and carry on with whatever she was previously doing. In todays case running around the backyard with the chooks.


mountainwildlife said...

Just as long as she didn't take the lollies back to share with the chooks!

JazyJae's said...

No she hunts for bugs,slugs and snails for them.

JD said...

We used to get this in Willmot (2770) from the Shanes Park RFS... The pics brought back memories of sneaking out and running around the whole suburb with the truck - Thanks for sharing the story (and pics)