Monday, 28 December 2009

Our Christmas

This year for Christmas was not a whole family affair. Unfortunately Brian was working over the entire Christmas weekend this year. Twelve hour shifts!
So photos were not an easy thing when your trying to watch the kids open their pressies, encourage a 17month old to show interest and your not in your own home.
We spent Christmas Eve to Christmas night at my mum's.
Jazynthe was very excited .....too excited to sleep and took a long time to fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

Jaedyn was more interested in the "girls" toys that Jazynthe recieved. Later int he day Jazynthe was more interested in the "boy" toys that Jaedyn recieved, well except her sewing machine (that really does not sew....a toy more than a sewing machine). Maybe next year I should give Jazynthe cars, trucks and trains...... and give Jaedyn Barbies, baby dolls and hair stuff.

Christmas at my Mum's is not the traditional feast or even the prawns etc that substitutes the traditional feast here in Australia. But it still is an enjoyable day.

I made a pavalova which got demolished in a flash and was asked to bring it along to future family gatherings. That's now two dishes I have that the family request I bring. My potato salad is another winner.
Next year we hopefully will have Brian here and I'll cook up a feast for Christmas Eve.

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