Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Less than two days to go!

In case you have not figured I am a giant Bon Jovi fan. So much that I even have a "Bon Jovi Forever" Tatoo on my shoulder.
I'm super excited as on Friday here in Australia the next album of theirs is released. The Circle it's called. I am planing on getting up early so I can be at K Mart when the doors open so I can rush in and have it in my hands.
Every time the add comes on the TV I just about wet my pants.

I did try to get a ticket to go and see the movie When we were beautiful which is screening for one time only at selected cinemas. Well I missed out so I was very devastated over that.

My history with Bon Jovi has been pretty full on. I've stood in pooring rain and hail with mud ankle deep waiting for them to come on stage. The hail was pretty bad that my friend and I had bruises all over our bodies from it.
I've sat in searing heat to watch a free concert in Darling Harbour, waited through crap bands and artists on two occasions to watch them play at festivles.
Also broke up with an ex-boyfriend because he comlained about having to hear Bon Jovi nearly every day and bagged them out during an argument.

So come back here friday afternoon to read my review....note it may be a tad biased!


Brian Fischer-Giffin said...

Oh dear.

Kylie said...

Ah Bon Jovi - such memories! I'm sure the movie will come out on DVD at some stage. In the meantime, can't wait to hear what you think of the new album.