Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Today's Harvest

Today from our garden we harvested a bunch of carrots, a head of lettuce and a good handful of mulberries. Weget a good handful a day from the mulberry tree. The poor mulberry tree had a large branch from the neighbours tree land on it at the beginning of the year and has not recovered completely from it to make for a good year for mulberries this season. Pity seen as last year the weather was too wet at the beginning of the harvesting time so cut short the amount of time for fuit to bud and rippen.
Our first year we here we would get a bucket a day from it. The following year we pruned it back at the wrong time.
So hopefully with getting a good handfull a day at the very beginning of harvesting time we are going to get plenty more this year. Then next year as long as the neighbours tree does not fall before they finally get it cut down we will have a good season next year.


Kylie said...

Yummy! Hoping to harvest some of our carrots soon. We have a lovely mulberry in our backyard, but it didn't fruit this year. We did prune it pretty hard last year (had to or the builders would have butchered it!)and someone told me it takes a couple of years for them to fruit again. Fingers crossed for a decent crop next year!

mountainwildlife said...

Nice harvest - esp the carrots! I couldn't get mine to grow last year, they were teeny! But we did get a good laugh :-}