Friday, 6 November 2009

The Circle

OK as promised here is my review for the new Bon Jovi album.
First I need to talk about the great effort that went into obtaining this precious disc for me.
Yesturday afternoon I was called to let me know that my sewing machine which was in for a service, would be ready to be picked up. Given the store does not open till 10am I had to look at going to purchase the CD after playgroup other wise that would have ment two trips to Katoomba in the one day.
Anyway I went up to Katoomba to find K Mart did not have it at all, they even looked in the unpacked boxes of CD's for me. Then I went on up to Explore Music in the main street they had not recieved it yet either. Lots of swearing was involved in this discovery. Rang home to see if Brian can download of iTunes nope that was not possible either as it was not there either.
Rang Richmond Records at Winmalee, nope they did not have it either. I had work to do so brian offered to go to Penrith for me so I could get stuck into my work. I rang JB HiFi YES they had it and they had the limited edition.
So as I type I finally have gotten to listen to it. it's now just before five pm eight hours after I originally hoped to get to listen to it.

So from here is my review:

1. We Weren't born to follow

Opening track which has been pluged lately on the radio and was the first single release a few weeks ago. Punchy way to start out the album. A very typical Bon Jovi track with it's anthemic chorus. Can see it as an opening song to their concerts just like "Lay Your Hands On Me" often is.

2. When we were beautiful

A ballady song that is a nice song to listen to. This is the tittle of the Bon Jovi documentry....maybe the safety of this song was because it was written for a purpose.

3. Work for the working man

Sounds a bit like "Living On A Prayer" with the bass line especially in the opening verse. A bit typical of old Bon Jovi with their modern lyrics added over the old music.

4. Superman tonight

Awesome song in my opinion. That's about all I can say for it.

5. Bullet

Can't help but to think this song is bit of a pleading for the war in Iraq to be over. It's a heavier song for Bon Jovi even if it's because the guitars that have been dirtied up a bit. But I do like it a great song with a little political message within.

6. Thorn in my side

A rockin' song. Great melody. Love it.

7. Live before you die

The big power ballad of the album. Another of Bon Jovi's winning formula ballads. One that will be massively awesome live. Beautiful song I think.

8 Brokenpromiseland

A song with the maturity you would expect from a nad that has been together as long as Bon Jovi has. I can see this song being a single.

9. Love's the only rule

This song is one that should be having everybody up to dance on the dance floor. A song that has a great element of fun to it. As I type my foot is taping to the beat.

10. Fast cars

I don't really know what to think of this one a bit of a boring one I think. Might take a few more listens to like this one.

11. Happy now

Another drag out song. Bit of a filler really.

12. Learn to Love

Jon's vocals make this song really. With the music in the background for the most part but comming in really make it a half decent song to listen to. A good way to close the album. Would not have sounded great having this in the middle.

So apart from a couple of songs a damn good album on the whole. Then again Bon Jovi should not be doing anything other than putting out a great album. Not their best work all in all  but still good enough to keep the fans happy.

Will watch the DVD tonight and give a review of that too.


Kylie said...

Hmmm, may be worth a look see. Glad you are finally getting to enjoy it.

mountainwildlife said...

You are a true fan! Good to hear that Jon rocks on. I used to luuurrrve him :)
I remember when I was 20-something going with a girlfriend to London HMV (which was about 8 hours away!) for the release of a Def Leppard album!

JazyJae's said...

Oh good ol' Def Leppard. I've waited 8hrs in a line to meet Skid Row once. My friends and I even got mentioned in the Dail Telegraph for our effort.