Sunday, 4 October 2009

Geelong Shoreline

On our last day in Melbourne we went down to the Shoreline of Geelong. At first just to have a little drive. Then when we got down there we noticed these statue things. I had no clue what theywere called till last night or what they were there for. However i loved them. I was also delighted at discovering they went right along the shoreline. Each time I found a new set and went and took a photo I noticed further along there were more.

They just seemed to go forever. I had left the kids and Brian in the car and being wet I ran out and took photos and then got back in the car and we drove up a little further along and took more photos of these wonderful pieces of art sculpture. They certainly were eye catching and made what would otherwise be just another shoreline a whole lot better to look at.

 Once we got to near the pier was when I realised these were a feature right along the shoreline and directed through signing at Brian to go park and let the kids out. It was more like a mist than rain at that stage and I knew I'd be taking photos for a while and the kids especially would be getting sick of being left in the car while I ran about taking photos. They seemed to be happy to be out. Especially Jazynthe who go to have a closer look at a couple. Then she got distracted further down with idea of playing instead. What  child wouldn't! She was actually the one to realise there were rabbits on the Bollards before me. I wasn't looking down that low. What to be a child you notice so much an adult doesn't.

Pity about the weather otherwise we would have spent a lot longer than we did. At one point I left Brian and the kids at the cute little park whilst I went exploring. I didn't get to take all the photos I wanted as the batteries in the camera ran out. when I got back to the kids and Brian they didn't seem to care it now was back to a light rain and were running about like it was a bright and sunny day. Apparently jazynthe had been digging in the gravel trying to find the rest of this serpant looking thing.

Now a bit more about these bollards. The Bollards were repainted by Jan Mitchel.  She has painted them in bright colours to represent the human form some have historical significance others are more contempory. You may find one on it's own or there may be group or cluster of them. Each group has a rabbit featured. The rabbit is to represent the landing Point in Corio Bay of the first rabbits to reach the shore of Australia.

They certainly were fantastic took look at. Some were quirky and reflected a sense of humour. Many had a significance to Geelong Football Club pity she died last year as there needs to be another Geelong Footy one for them winning the AFL grand final this year.

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trashalou said...

My kids loved that one of the Captain with teh bird cage bestest.