Sunday, 4 October 2009

Royal Melbourne Show part 2: The Art and craft Pavilion

Yes that is a cake!
I've always loved the Art and Craft Exhibitions of shows. Full of great works of talent.
The Melbourne one is nowhere has huge as the Sydney Royal Easter Show, I like it that better. Less crowded and you actually get to see it all without some obnoxious person shoving you out of the way or having to watch their child put their sticky fingers and what ever they are shoveling down their throught all over the windows.

The only part of this section that bores me a little is all the fruit cakes and sponges also the scones.
I like the works of brilliance that are done by people as young as around 9 and as old as your grandma.

In the cake decorating section I loved it all so much especially the little sewing machine and an ode to the knitters out there. Jazynthe thought the cakes were great and would get more and more excited at each one.

There were a few quilts there too. All great wonderous works. I wish I was that good at quilting. Great works they are. They were inspiring and the pictures don't do them justice. Hard to take a decent photo of them indoors especially on my average camera. You get an idea of what they were like though. So neat! Makes me a touch jealous though.

Another part that had me in awe was the section that had works by the visualy impared. In there was a quilt that had great hand stitching that I'd be hard pressed to even get as good as.


2paw said...

Those cakes are wonderful, it's the Show here too today but I didn't go. Thank you for sharing the photos!!

Cascade Lily said...

OMG I can't believe that first pic is a cake! Creative and funny!!