Sunday, 4 October 2009

The quilt I made for DQS7

I know I know I'm a bit slow about blogging about this considering my swap recipient recieved hers a while ago now. I was hoping to do a combined blog entry of what I recieved and about the one I made up. However I'm still waiting on mine. Apparently mine is in transit from it's makers home to here.
Anyway my swap partner seemed to be bit of a lover of Fairies and whimsical things. I was trying to think up something rather creative like the quilt I made for the DQS6 alas my mind kept going blank. So I changed that from of mind to looking for a fabric to be the main feature and could not go past Micheal Miller's Fairy prints. So I went looking at one of my local quilt shops and found a perfect colour and print.

Now back home to take the time to look or stare at the fabric depending on how distracted I got. An idea kind of came but it soon was side tracked by another as I went looking though what other fabrics I had in my stash that matched with the fat quarter I had bought. In the stash was a few big pieces. A couple I had recieved from quilting Barbie in the DQS6 round. Still not enough for the current idea I had. So decided to wait till i went of ti the Stitches and craft fair for a look see of what I could find. There I found a couple more that would fit the bill.
Over the next few days I quandered over what I had in mind would suit my swap partner Desi and her tastes. In the end I just though "Just do it and if she likes it she likes it if she doesn't well that can't be helped" So cuting with the rotary cuter started. Then away I went with the piecing.
Halfway through I realised some pieces were cut so uneven and crap that I had to go back and hope I had enough to replace what I stuffed up. Yes there was big jumping about happened. i have a terrible habit of just going hell for leather on the cutting front without stoping and checking it's going the way I should have it.
Anyway back to the sewing machine! then the machine starts eating the fabric. ARRRRRRRGGG insert a number of swear words here. Lucky I was able to save it all and slowly unpick all the crapy sewing. Turns out there was a slight bend in the the hell did that get there it was perfectly fine the night before. A glance goes towards the 4yr old saying i didn't touch it mummy.
So now needle replaced, away I go. Done got it all pieced in one night.

Looking at it the next morning I think it needs more the centre fairy does not pop like I hoped it would. Hmmm what can I do now. "Oh I have some of that gold embroidery thread from that darn cross stitch I started 8yrs ago and didn't get past not even a quarter through" great for the wings. Out comes the little hoop I have stashed away in the bottom of the not so used items box. Away i go with something resembles embroidery. As I'm doing this decided need some yellow too. Lucky there is some in the threads box.

Now for the sandwiching something that always needs to be done a few times to get it right in my case after pining and basting is done i'm back at the machine ditching away. After that I think hmmm needs some free motion on the border. ARRRRRGHHHH anoth stuff up and I have no idea why it's doing so silly. Now unpick the white thread on the white fabric in stitching that was way too tiny to see except outside in the sun and that was an effort. A whole day later all done with the unpicking.

Then I realise I don't have enough for the binding back to the shop to buy some more. Late that night I finally finish. All done and sent two days late, so I poped in a couple of fat quarters too make up for the lateness.
A little under two weeks later I recieve a thankyou card from Desi. How lovely of her to do that. You don't see a thankyou card that often these days do you?

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