Friday, 2 October 2009

Domestic Bliss

Yesturday was a bit of a productive day on the domestic front. With seed planting and baking happening in the afternoon and evening. My kind of domestic bliss would also include a tidy home....instead it's more a lived in relaxed charm.
All after spending the entire morning out on errands like clinic nurse, booking optomitrist appointments and picking up Shadow from the RSPCA boarding Kennel. Then gauging on snack foods whilst I cleaned out the pantry. Oh gee there are only a handful of sultanas left best eat them or the last of the pita bread chips amongst other yummies.

Some of the seed packets we bought
On the seed planting front I planted a number of seeds till the seed raising mix ran out. Included in the planting were mixed tomatos, watermelon, celeriac, capsicum, beetroot and carrots were planted by brian in the patch.
The seeds were bought the The Lost Seed upon Mountain Wildlife's suggestion. previous we had pretty much zero luck with Diggers especially. Through The Lost Seed you can order a number of seed varieties all for around $3.50 a pack and you get a lot of seeds in the pack. The pack has a great amount of information for the gardner who does not have the knowledge of what the plants need, like and silike. The packets also tell you about seed saving tips too.We had also ordered Pumpkin and Basil. Pumpkin seeds are planted in the patch (just a few) and will have more planted once I've cleared more space for them.

The paddle pop stick labels were retrieved from the craft box. I love the colour of these ones!

I labelled each pot as i can just see in the future pots may not be where I left them.
Lots of recycled seedling pots used as well as the few food tins I've managed to stop fom being thrown in the recycling bin.
The Basil I'm waiting on a wine barrel to be delivered probably today by a kind neighbour. His working away from home at the moment and passes a winery on the way home where he can get them for $70, his also cutting it in half for me.
I plan on planting a miniture fruit tree in each then herbs around under the tree so basil in one is the plan not sure on the other yet.

Nothing is left of this cake now!
On the baking front I cooked a very yummy Banana and Chocolate cake from the Homemade recipe book mention previously here. It was my turn for morning tea today at playgroup so I baked it up for them. All organic ingredients the only thing not organic was the sugar. Once the sugar we have is cleared out I'm planning on buying organic for that too.
The cake was well recieved and loved.


Brian Fischer-Giffin said...

No cake left. :(

mountainwildlife said...

Good luck with the seeds this time, I put clear plastic over the top of mine (any packaging bags or similar) until they germinate, like a little glasshouse, keeps 'em snug and warm and less misting needed.
Great label sticks, very colourful.
Dammit I missed the cake!