Thursday, 1 October 2009

A little more than a year later.

Last week our family travelled to Melbourne....well geelong really, for a family holiday. A long over due holiday! On our drive to our destination it can't be done without having to drive down the Hume hwy. About 25kms south of the Seymor exit your confronted by the devestation that the Black Saturday fires left behind. This was just the tip of the iceberg. I was in tears at the sight before my eyes. It just seemed to go on forever. Previous to this major area of burnt out country side you do see small little pockets of a few trees blackened but nothing can prepare you for the amount of burnt out bush you see along the highway. I tried to take a few photos but in a moving car on a highway on a dreary morning is hard to get a half decent photo.
it was great to see that people had been able to re-build their homes, but what a harsh way to have to build your home. Surrounded by the daily reminder of burnt land and sheds can't be easy to move on.
I dare say if I had seen the towns I would have been an emotional mess. I live in a high risk bush fire area and have see nearby burnt out areas of the national Park but that is nothing compared to the sight of burnt out farming land and surrounding bush where homes and lives have been lost.

This now brings me to the positive part of this blog entry. Whilst on our holiday I bought the book Homemade. A recipe book that was put together by a small group of women who put the call out for people favourite family recipes. they recieved recipes from all over the world. The book was put together and then given to the victims of the fires. then the rest are being sold to raise money for The Salvation Army who have helped greatly these families and continue to do so.

Look out for my future posts on what scrumptious goodies I will be cooking from it in the coming weeks. Including the morning tea or mothers group this week.

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