Thursday, 27 August 2009

We have eggs!

Two of our girls laid their first egg today YAY. At least I think they came from two chookens.
Jazynthe came running inside at about 4pm telling me there was an egg in the chickens enclosure. I at first did not believe her. So I followed her out and yes there was one in there. I ran/skipped back inside singing out YAY we have eggs. Went inside and got them camera. When Brian crawled inside to get it he found another also there.

I dare say one was from Lucy as she's such a big girl now....the other not sure possibly Penny-Lee is the awesome girl.

Only problem is they were laid under their house, not up in the laying box. Will have to either not let them down till later or get a few fakies to encourage them to lay up in the box.

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mountainwildlife said...

Hooray! Nothing like those first eggs - golden nuggets :)
Get yourself a plastic egg, or better still (cheaper) paint an avocado stone white, or use a golfball (apparently they really aren't smart enough to know the difference!) Leave it in the nest when you collect the real ones.