Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Take the challenge!

I've taken on the challenge that I read about on Mountain Wildlife's blog. Yes it's time to eat Fair Trade Chocolate.
So for September I have vowed to only buy and eat Fair Trade chocolate.
I had already been thinking of doing so for my next chocolate purchase. This motivated me more so. Especially so in the last week I have been reading horrible stories on what various large companies do to the environment and to third world countries.
So today when i did the grocery shopping I bought some for me and some of the Organic chocolate that Brian loves. He realy loves green & black's dark chocolate.
For myself I got two blocks by Cocolo a dark chocolate and an orange. the orange is devine.
I'm a real chocolate lover and when I discovered that Cadbury's uses palm oil ( which by the way is not listed in the ingredients list on the pack) I was horrified.
These Fair Trade brands can be found in coles and some other stores. I know that Black & Green's can even be found in Service stations.


mountainwildlife said...

Woo Hoo! Good on you Xena, great to see this challenge taking off! The cocolo orange is going down a treat here :)
Palm oil is such a nastie environmentally, and almost always just listed as 'vegetable oil' because at the moment legally they don't have to state the source. Wherever just 'vegetable oil' is listed in anything, its most likely palm.
BTW- Green & Blacks only fair-trade certified choc is the Maya Gold. Not sure why the others aren't.... ?
Maybe someone else knows more about it?

JazyJae's said...

Look out for my post in the next day or two on my major challenge is. One that is a big sacrifice for me that I think a lot of people will surprised at.

dixiebelle said...

Great to see you involved on the Guilt Free Chocolate challenge!