Saturday, 22 August 2009

My goodies from the Show

Today I zipped down as quick as I can to the Stitches and Craft Sjow at Rosehill. I couldn't really just float slowly along as Brian needed me back home so he could get some more sleep before returning to work tonight.Hahahaha zipping in and out what a cack. I'm far too chatty to fellow crafters to do that.
Left home just before nine and returned at about 1:30pm.
Met many a lovely gal. Had many stop me and pay compliments on my skirt I was wearing. A skirt made from old neck ties.
My haul was a good one. Mostly from the Incubator section.
Links to the Incubator gals can be found at JazyJae's blog.
So my haul included
Amitie fabrics

fat quarters from two other stalls. Their cards have disapeared in the house already. Dare say either amongst Jazynthe's hoard or Jaedyn's chewed them up.

Notice the chookies....might become a bag or something.
Softie patterns from dearfii

Owl softie pattern from gifts created

Zines from mixtape

ribbon trim from Art Stamps

The retailers downstairs were not that impressive this year. As Amy from Badskirt said. I agree with not impressed with the non-craft related stalls like shammy,candle, coathangers and massage chairs.
The Incubator area was a fab idea and hope it continues.
Wished I could have been there all day so I could do some craft labs and watch some demonstrations.

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Nikki said...

Glad you enjoyed the show... and I remember that tie skirt!

Re: the downstairs part of the show is the old part of the show (it's always been the same) and the incubator is the direction of the "New" S&C show. Bear with us and stay tuned for more of the good stuff.