Thursday, 20 August 2009

Herbs are planted!

I don't have too much luck with seeds so I've gone for a combination of seedlings and seeds for my new herb gardens. Changed the location for easy access from the back door. Plus the chooks are living in my old herb area.
I've tried a few methods.

First up is one I found in a Burks Backyard magazine. Using an old heshan sack I've cut holes at varied spots up one side and put them so they stick out along the way with the Sage at the top.

Then I moved my bay tree into a much larger pot.It was becoming pot bound and Brian had only filled the previous pot about half way.

I've planted a few parsleys, chives and coriander under the laundry window. the sticks are to stop Shadow deciding that's where she will sleep as she tends to do on newly tilled soil.

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