Friday, 10 October 2008

Problem solved!

I had discovered there was a problem with my new dream machine. The nedle thread kept looping and could not figure out the problem for the life of me. I was doing everything I knew to do plus everything the manual told me to do. Just could not fix it. gave the machine a rest for 2 days and got back on today. Still did it whilst sewing up quilt blocks. Gave up on the quilty sewing and went to other sewing. Voila problem figured it most likely was the needle size.
Got to be able to do other sewing and not stress out over having to go back the shop from where I purchased my lovely machine.

I sewed up Jazynthe a new swimming bag. This one is a waterproof one so I can put her wet towel and swimmers in without the wetness soaking through to other things or ruining the bag.

I also finished the edges on two more muslin wraps for Jaedyn.

Jazynthe is trying her hardest to be able to play with Jaedyn at the moment. She is getting very impatient about his lack of ability to play with her. So she has resorted to laying under his play gym that once was hers with him.
She needs to also learn not to pick him up or be all over him like a rash. She especially chooses to do all this behaviour when our backs are turned and even more so if he becomes upset and we are not in the room or don't react instantly to his crying. I am at a loss at to what to do in trying to get her to leave him alone. Most of the time it apears to be inocent adoration others I know it's just plain disobediance on her part.
I was going to go take photos of the native flowers blooming in our backyard today but got layed up with a migraine. Then a storm came over out of nowhere. Also wanted to take photos of our abundunce of crops in broad beans and snow peas. Yesturday Brian and Jazynthe picked 1 1/2kgs of broad beans.

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Gr8est said...

hey let the kids be. its fun watchin 'em grow!!