Saturday, 11 October 2008

Our Backyard

In the last couple of weeks our backyard has begun to bloom full of life.
The natives are starting to flower nicely. They smell wonderfull too. It is great to be able to go into the yard on a nice warm day and be surrounded but such beautiful plants and flowers.

The sage that I planted when we first moved here just over two years ago has grown greatly from a tiny seedling to a large plant. I love the smell of it's foliage and the flowers are nice little pretty things as well.

Jazynthe and Brian planted some broad beans a short time ago and with the days of rain then full sun many of the plants are now taller than me. The plants yeilds a great crop as well. On Friday Brian and Jazynthe picked 1 1/2kgs of pods.

I'm hoping that this year the Mulberry tree produces a lot more berries than it did last year. last year with the cold sping and late summer ther was not that many berries. it kept Jazynthe entertained on warmer days, but that was about it. The previous year ther was so much fruit that I made a few batches of jam, gave bowls and bowls of berries away to neighbours. Sent loads to day care for morning teas. Made pies and a couple of other delights as well.

Jazynthe also takes great delight in being up one of the apple trees. Whilst up there she sings away.


Emma said...

I had to laugh at your singing tree-climber! Very cute!

Kylie said...

We have a mulberry on our block that we are hoping to retain. Should be ok as it is right at the back. Hopefully I will have to hit you up for some recipes.