Monday, 13 October 2008

At our doorstep!

We are lucky enough to have Blue Mountains National Park pretty much at our doorstep. Just not even 50 metres down the road from our front door is a lovely part of the bush. Not far into it is the national park. We usually stick to the fire trail road for the most part of out walk then take one of several bush walking tracks along the way.

Jazynthe likes to collect rocks and sticks along the way. The rocks are her treasures that she has found.She will also often stop to do drawings in the sandy dirt with a stick.

One of the walks we take is down to Edith and Mabel falls.

Along the way there is some lovely flowers and at the hlaf way point down the track of the fire trail is a over hang of rocks that Jazynthe has claimed as her bush house. She loves to play in here every time she goes for a walk. I think this is one of her favourite walks down in the bush as just about every time I join her and Brian on a walk she wants to go down to this walking track.

When we went walking on Sunday there was a bit of slippery mud on some of the track so you need to take it easy when walking along the track. It's also a bit narrow in parts. If you don't keep to the track you could very easily fall over the edge down a steep incline. jazynthe needs help at some points to be able to get down to a step as some are rather big. I also needed a bit of help at points as with having Jaedyn in a sling it was hard to see my feet and where I was walking.

When you get down to the bottom of the track it's very lovely down there.There is a large over hang of rock of which a small long waterfall falls of. In some of these photos you can just make out the water that cascades of the rock.
Next time we walk down there might have to take a bit of lunch for a picnic as it's a big walk,especially carrying a baby as well.


Kylie said...

You live in a truly beautiful part of the world. Lucky you!

xenabonjovi said...

As do you Kylie.