Monday, 8 September 2008

So much can happen in just over a week.
After many hours of frustration with my sewing machine and having to continuosly unpick things I have sewn. I have given the old thing the boot. went out and bought myself a brand spanking new machine. After having two machines that were passed onto me by my mum and Brian's mum. Both old machines on their last legs. Mums one I got the motor replaced in it for real cheap. Brian's mothers old one got a lot of work out of it. Many things sewn for myself and also for Jazynthe.

Alas my new machine is a dream to sew on. In the week I have had it I have sewn a nappy bag, made repairs on clothes, a pair of pants and a dress that can also be worn as a top for Jazynthe (all of which will be shown later).

Also have made Jazynthe one of a few pairs of training pants. I was sick of buying pull ups just for her night wearing. Way to much money when I got the pattern for $7. With that and the money spent on fabric is the same cost as a pack of pull ups. The 1st trial run was done last night. Works well, just need to make the next pair with less elastic around the legs. Jazynthe loves them.

Also have recieved a wonderful lot of scraps from the EB quilters scraps swap, once again my swap partner was Susan. Yay for her as she once again sent me a wonderful lot of very usable pieces. Most of which I would not call them scraps. I have some thoughts on what to use some of them in.

Fathers Day this year was a much better one for Brian than the last few. His eldest daughter Skye actually turned up this year to have lunch with him. The last few he has not even heard from her. So it was really lovely to have the family together this year. Also with it being such lovely weather after she left with Cameron, we went for a good walk in the bush.
On the Skye front since last blog we have learnt that not only is she engaged, but also that her and Cameron have actually set a date. Bit of a shock and not entirely happy with it all, what with her being 18. Just way to young really.

The quilt that Jazynthe got from Tine is a hit. She loves it and uses it all the time. She even has a few times taken it to bed with her.

I also can blog the quilt I made for Lina in Canada. She loves it as does her little girl who it was made for.

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Tine said...

Aaaaw! I am so happy she likes it! What a great photo :-)