Tuesday, 26 August 2008

DQS4 recieved and other goings on!

Well today I recieved in the mail a lovely quilt made for Jazynthe as part of the DQS4 I was involved in. Jazynthe is yet to see it but I am sure she would love it for her dolls that she loves dearly. It came all the way from Denmark and was made by Tine, her blog is www.sodeste.blogspot.com. You can see the process she went through to make this little quilt. the free motion quilting is really nice. I wish I could do this but the beginer I am leaves me at the ditch quilting stage. She also sent along a couple of fat 1/4s which I am sure will come in handy. I wish I could read Danish as she also sent me a nice quilting magazine that has a couple of projects in there I would like to do. I'll just be inspired by them instead. Thankyou so much Tine!!
Other things going on in my world include Jaedyn has not been having an easy time. We were in hospital last week with him hooked up to a drip and having to endure a load of tests. he has not been putting on weight really and has been very distressed. Was admitted under failure to thrive. Heart wrenching to hear when your new little bubs is discribed as such. Felt like I had failed the poor little thing. Anyway it was concluded he has G.O.R.D in other words bad reflux. He has been prescibed medication and since leaving hospital has gained 260gms in just under a week. He is much more happy and settled now. Touch wood it continues this way. Tomorrow is his follow up appointment with his Dr. Then on Thursday we are of to Westmead to have a sweat test done. Hoping that comes back only like is big sis' and his only a carrier of Cystic Fibrosis.
In amongst all that I have gotten some sewing, mainly finishing up my quilt I made for the DQS4 which got sent of yesturday.Hoping my swapee loves it! Will post pics once I know she has recieved it.
Also did repairs on some of Jazynthe's clothes and a couple of her dress up outfits. One being her Dorothy the dinosaur outfit.


Tine said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad to her your son is okay!! What a scare! Of course you didn't fail him! Don't ever think that way...
I'm glad you like the quilt, and I am very relieved to see it has arrived :-)
I know there's a language-barrier with the magazines, but was thinking maybe they would be fun to look through for inspiration.

And...now I can comment on your blog!!! I have been following it, but didn't want to comment, afraid you would guess I was your swappartner. LOL!

All the best wishes to you and your family!

Lina said...

Hi Xena - I hope I've got the right Xena from Australia! Just to say I received your quilt today in the post and I love it! Its truly lovely and my daughter is delighted that she gets to play with it! Thank you so much for all the fab goodies too - WOW! What a treat, I can't thank you enough for all you time and effort. I too am a total beginner but defintitely more beginnerish than you!

On another note entirely, hope your son is doing well, sounds like you've had a rough start.

Lina x