Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Lovely gifts for self!

So much has gone on since last post. Mum's birthday was a week after Jaedyn was born. She had a birthday party on the Saturday after. At wich she got very very drunk on champers.
Jazynthe's also taken to being interested in taking photos. It's very interesting to see what she likes to take photos of. What happens in a toddlers artistic mind can be lovely to see the results.
She also is very insistant on making her own lunch now. Gets her stool from the bathroom and then all she needs to make her sandwich. Makes it and some time will stand thee eating it or she will actually get a plate and eat at her table. My little girl is certainly getting more and more independant every day.
She has been mostly good at helping with Jaedyn also but she has a horible habit of just grabbing at his head and face. We have had to confiscate a lot of her toys to try and deter it happening, it has worked to a degree so far.
Even though I'm yet to get a chance to sit down and sew anything doesn't mean I can't buy things to help me sew.
Today I finally got myself an overlocker, after saying for the last 3yrs or so that I really want to get one. So have been looking at different ones over the last few days and settled on a Janome644D. Got it for $445. Will ring tomorow about booking my free lessons so I can be really comfortable sewing on it. So happy to finally have one. Will be able to sell my projects with a more professional look now. Have friends interested in some of the things I have sewn for Jazynthe.
Also when I got home today from buying the overlocker a couple of books I ordered from The Book Depository. Bay Knits for Beginners and Last minute Patchworking and Quilting gifts. A snap press and snaps I ordered plus some PUL fabric from snaps Australia.Will be making fitted cloth nappies for Jaedyn and maybe to sell as well.
I also droped into The Vintage Patch on Thursday and bought myself some lovely fabric at their little sale they were having.
The last few weeks have been pretty hard here with Jaedyn taking time to settle and also suffering from Reflux. Unlike big sis' he also is in a lot of pain with it. So we have had many sleepless nights and frustrating days. Feeling totally helpless with being able to make things a little easier for him. Lucky on the weekend I got recomended to use Infant's Friend by my step brothers wife as her two kids suffered from silent reflux and she found that it worked wonders. Well we got it on the way home and boy have things been much better in this house since. We have had two good nights and two good days since then. So touch wood it continues and he actually starts to put on good weight gains. Don't want to have to go down the formula path like I did too early for Jazynthe.

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