Wednesday, 30 July 2008

My Birth Story much delayed post!

My story is one that shows women should stand strong and follow their own instincts and not let an obstetrician sway their instincts.
Friday around 9am I started to feel mild contractions about every 1/2 hr. I had a clinic appointment that afternoon so though would wait and see what is said at that and what happens in mean time. Come to my appointment in the afternoon. Found at I was 2cm dialated and head was 3/5ths engaged but now contractions were now 8mins apart. Was decided most likely will go into full labour in the night. So we dropped DD of the already arranged career. Come 6pm contractions are now 4mins apart. Headed up to the hospital. Got up ther was now 4cm dialated. 2hrs later contractions had eased of and head was no longer engaged. Was still only 4cm. Stayed in over night for some rest and monitoring. Went home about 9am.
contractions stayed mild about every 1/2hr till late afternoon. Contractions returned to being medium but back to about 4mins apart. Now DD was at her sisters house for overnight stay. Went up to hospital once again about 7pm. Got up there and contractions eased of completly as soon as trace was taken of. So once again we head home.
Contractions stayed as mild at 1/2 hour intervels.
Contractions stayed mild till midnight
contraction were about 15mins apart so got out of bed and paced the house. Contractions became 4mins apart and just bearable.Rang career to be able to drop DD of. Rang hospital to be told they have no antheisitist so had travel to a hospital 40kms away. Drop DD of at careers and go on the journey to different hospital than was wanting to give birth in. Get to the hospital and contractions are still strong and 4mins apart. The birthing unit was over crowded and had to go into a waiting/assessment room. Was there and had to be next to a young girl who was very loud with her contractions and very distracting with this. So paced the birthing unit till I could no longer walk. To find after 2hrs of being there I had not dialated past 4cm. Still contracting but they now were eased back to 10mins and 15mins apart. Come 8am contractions had eased to being 20mins apart. Was then offered to be transfered to the pre-natal ward and booked in for induction next morning if I had not gone into labour naturally as my cervix was very soft and really should be more dialated than what I was. Got tranfered onto the pre-natal ward. Contraction by now had eased back to being 1/2hrly. Stayed that way the entire day.
Around 9am head of delivery suite came an saw me and told me she had spoken to both the obstritian in the hospital and the one at the hospital I was originaly supose to give birth in. My hospital was able to take me back and was fine with an induction that day. So once my DH arrived we collected my transfer notes etc and headed back up the mountain to my hosptial.
Just after lunch the hosptials obsteritian came and saw me and explained he would normally advise women to wait till 41weeks to be induced. I told him I know the risks involve in being induced. He explained that given I was only 39+3 weeks pregnant and my baby was measuring small my baby may not be ready to be born. He was happy to induce me if that's what I want to go ahead and do but there was high risks given the size of my baby.
I told him I wanted to go ahead with the proceedure as I felt this is what was necessary.
waters were broken. Contractions became regular almost straight away. They were about 3mins apart medium but short.
Was put on drip as was not dialated well and contractions were not strong.
Contractions became strong and regular and needing gas
now needing gas to be stranger and feeling as though I did not have much longer to go.
asked for gas to be turned up again. Was feeling very much in control and happy with the way things were progressing.
Things were starting to be very strong and hard to do now.
Now needing pethadine.Asked for it and when mid-wife left seemed like an entirnety till she came back,that I felt like she was not going to give it to me soon enough. Recieved the injection. Next few contractions were still very hard to handle but got through.
It was not long after this that I zonked out and had no idea what was going on around me.
Till mid-wife told me to lay on my side as the baby's heart rate had dropped. Went on my side then back to lala land for me
was now back to sitting position and now told to start pushing.Feeling like I was being ripped apart with each contraction.Seemed like forever to get through each contraction and push.
Jaedyn Cooper was now welcomed into the world.
No stitches needed just bad grazing.

When placenta was delivered it came out with a bit of effort both on my part and the midwives.
The placenta was well into break down and not much good left in it. Midiwife was very surprised at the healthy look of Jaedyn. She was then even more surprised by his weight of 3.420gms. She was even more encouraging of me deciding to be induced when I did as I could have very well ended up with a ceserean birth given the state of the placenta.
Head circumfirance measured 36cms and length was 52cm.

Not the birth I planned on as I was hoping to have a drug free, intervention free water birth. But very happy with my strength to listen to my instincts and be induced.

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Belinda said...

CONGRATULATIONS, glad to hear you are happy with how your birth turned out. What a gorgeous little baby. I bet your proud!