Sunday, 14 September 2008

Loving sewing again!

After a good week of getting to do some sort of sewing most days I can say I'm back in love with sewing. My new machine is soooo lovely. Sewing button holes is so much less stressful, no more unpicking or discovering after a few washes everything is just so wrong.

For my quilt I am making for the EB doll quilt swap I have pieced together the top. Have pinned the layers together up to the actual quilting. Need to go and buy different coloured thread as the one I was going to use just would not be right with the fabrics I have used. I'll be posting a sneak pic once completed.

As mentioned in previous post that i had sewn a nappy bag. I used the moda fabric 26 letters. i fell in love with this fabric the instant I 1st saw it in a local patchwork store The Vintage Patch. I used plastic on the outer bag layer. I plan on making a change mat to match during the coming week. Plus a wet bag as I use MCN's but it is a bit inpractical to use them when out, so have been using disposables at present.

Jazynthe got to wear her new dress to playgroup this week. She insisted on wearing this one over another I had made a while ago because this one has hearts. I made it to be worn both on its own or with leggings or the matching pants.

Jaedyn is starting to settle in well and is finally putting on a decent amount of weight. He had his 1st lot of imunisations on Friday and has been a little upset by all that but is getting easier to keep happy. His started smiling back at me when i talk to him this week. Today he really got interested in his toy frame for a little while. His such a delight when not throwing up all over me or the bed sheets during feeds.

I pretty proud with myself for finally getting around to organising the garage this week as it was beginning to look like a bomb had hit it. Sorted through the storage tubs of clothes for the kids and culled down a lot. Also threw out a lot of just pure crap. Also cleaned out Jazynthe's room. She was getting very frustrated with not being able to find things as toys had not been put away in the right places. The little girl I look after on a Wednesday is not as particular as she is about where things go.

I also look after Ashlyn on a Monday as well as her little brother. Jazynthe loves Mondays especially if it's a lovely day as she will get to play outside most of the day with the day.

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