Sunday, 22 June 2008

Progress on nursery and dress ups!

We have made some progress on the painting of the nursery. Just about finished the actual painting of the room itself. Doing final touches of that today. Then there is the bookcase to be painted once that is done we will be onto the actual set up.
Jazynthe has had some fun with helpng paint the walls. When she was told she could not paint in her pretty clothes she ran of and striped down to her singlet and nickers. Helped Dad paint the walls. It's looking good so far. Very happy with the color choices we have made. Can't wait to see it completed and all set up.
Yesturday was the Winter Magic Festival up at Katoomba. Brian took Jazynthe up there. She decided she was going to go dressed as a fairy and have her face painted. I didn't go as I could not see myself enjoying being amongst a huge crowd having to walk up and down the huge steep hill that is Katoomba street. So I stayed home and made some pogress on the room and did a bit of sewing. The two of them had plenty of fun and were gone for hours.
Went and watched Sex and The City movie at Hoyts in Penrith on Wednesday. Was really good should have brought along a box of tissues as there were many very teary moments throughout. Last chance I'll have to see a non kids theme movie by myself in a very long time. Enjoyed it a lot.

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