Saturday, 14 June 2008

Finaly a start on the nursery and more.

We finally have taken the initial steps for painting of the baby's nursery after having set back after set back. We would have finished it by now had it not been for Shadow's huge vet bills and the car registration costing a lot more than we anticipated.
So anyway we bought the paint after choosing out and testing with test pots. We have gone for a yellow called Cassell Yellow and a blue called Havasu Lake.The blue has actually been done slightly lighter than the initial color is seen as it will be used on the ceiling otherwise it would be too dark and look so wrong. The yellow will go on the walls and the blue will go on the ceiling,cornesing and woodwork.
The room once was the spare room that also functioned as my sewing and craft room. It also served as a handy storage space for things we didn't want out in the lounge. Now my sewing/craft space is the dinning table. With two tall stoage shelves we got from IKEA as my storage space for everything bar the loads and loads of fabric.
I also have signed up for a doll quilt swap that is with quilters from all over the globe. After much thought and changing of my mind several times I finally came up with a design, then after doing research on my lucky recipiant and what other themes she seems to like I decided on a theme of fabrics. See the sneek peek photo and the only one that will be posted till after she recieves the completed quilt. I will also throw in a few extras that are Aussie as it's going abroad.
Today I fell in love with a fabric line by Moda it's the 26 letters line. I managed to pick up 5 fat quarters only at my local patchwork store as that's all they had left. I want more! They would make a lovely fabric theme for the nappy bag and accessories I want to make. Searched on line, with the quick search I did was not able to fine what I am looking for. I hope to find it and soon! I absolutely adore the fabric. Once my mind is set that's it I won't stop till I succeed.


Emma said...

I searched and found this link to a few at Centennial Quilts:

xenabonjovi said...

Thanks for that Emma! When DH gets home from work I'll get his credit card to make an order.

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