Monday, 9 June 2008

Busy long weekend!

Well what a busy weekend this house has had. Even with all the rain and cold weather.
Saturday was actually lovely weather till the late afternoon so I was able to catch up on all the washing that had been building up. All up I did six loads! I was able to get the nappy stacker and organizer I made for the nursery amongst it all.It became overcast in the afternoon but did not see that it was necessary to bring in te washing still on the line, three loads worth. Woke Sunday morning to find it had rained over night at everything was soaked again. So they all had to be rewashed.
Saturday was productive day in that I was able to get the fabric cut out for several pieces of clothing for Jazynthe. I cut out two pinnies, a pair of pants, two boleros, also a dress and pants set. All out of funky cord fabric. Jazynthe really loves the fabrics and got very excited over seeing what I planned on making with them all.
Sunday in the morning Jazynthe had some Daddy time in the garden planting a whole lot of seeds into the vegie patch. She loves being out there in the garden with her Dad.
She then played for a while with Dad inside. Her and I then baked a chocolate cake together she loves baking and cooking with me. She also got to make cookie dough then out of that choc chip cookies. She really loved doing that as she was able to get her hands in and really squish through the dough.

Sunday night I started sewing up the pants.

Today Monday I got to finish of the pants and one pinnie and the two fully lined boleros. As each one was finished of Jazynthe squeeled with delight and was so happy to see each one.

I also knitted another beenie for the baby today.
back to TAFE tomorrow second last day for me and I have an exam, the following week hand in a rather large assessment and all done. I was thinking of returning next semester but now won't as I think it will be too much with a new born. However I will aply for Uni with both Social Science and Psychology. Psych as my first choice but if I only get into Social Science that will be fine as I can then transfer to Psych in the second year.

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