Friday, 6 June 2008

Click click knit knit set!

Well I finally got around to completing a full knited set of clothes. I've knitted pants, booties, beenie and a hug me tight.
I only ever have knitted scarves and one beenie before, so very happy with myself. The wool I used is called fairy floss. A very soft and lovely wool.
I've started a jumper also, up to the kniting up stitches for the colar and sewing on the sleeves. This wool though is hard to knit up stitches, probably more so that I never have done so before. I may need to wait till I see Mum again and get her to help me out with that one.
I also completed today a nappy stacker and organizer. They need to be put through the wash first before taking photos and bloging as there is taylors pencil marks visible all over.
Jazynthe decided to give herself a haircut at day care on Wednesday so she now has a hacked at fringe.

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Little Munchkins said...

Oh my, they are gorgeous. I love them. So envious of those who can knit.