Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Princesses and Baby bumps

On the weekend I bought Jazynthe a little princess crown dress up set to go with a pair of shoes I got from freecycle. She loves dress ups lately. Looks as though I'm going to have to start making a few costumes, as any oportunity for her to dress up lately she goes full on and wants the whole outfit on and prancess around the house. On Sunday once she was all dressed up as a princess she made me dance with her then Dad and made up a princess song. On Monday whilst at her friend Ashlyn's house they both got all dressed up as fairies and princesses for most of the day, running around holding hands in their little outfits.
Can't believe I have less than three weeks to go before my due date.
Progress on the nursery is getting there. After having had the flu for the last week it's been a slow process. Hopefully will be complete today.
I need to actually write myself out a list of my projects I have in mind or happening as I get so easily distracted with other things I want to do or need to do.Then tick them of as I complete anything that gets added goes at the end of the list.

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